Disney Characters Win Over Deaf Family’s Hearts When They Sign With Them At Disney Parks.

When Shaylee Mansfield’s parents were growing up, they both had difficulty finding anyone who could understand them. The couple, who are both deaf, rarely met anyone who could understand sign language, whether in their respective schools, or anywhere else. But things are different for Shaylee. She goes to a school where everyone can sign. It’s a special place for her where she is always understood. But once she leaves the school walls, it’s like she stepped back into the lives of her parents when they were growing up. She feels lonely and left out. Then one day, Shaylee’s parents bring her and her sister to Disney. It is a fun day for the girls, and they even get to pose with Minnie Mouse. But after the photo op, Minnie does something that shocks the whole family. She starts signing with the girls! Imagine how Shaylee feels when out of nowhere, the one person who can sign is Minnie Mouse! It’s a small gesture, but it goes a long way to winning Shaylee’s heart. Minnie Mouse (and Tinkerbell, too) is learning sign language to communicate with deaf children who visit the park. Watch the unforgettable moment, which Disney filmed for part of its “Unforgettable Stories” series, below.

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