Doctor examines baby and sees something growing in her belly, shocked when he turns to twin

The process of having twins can be very overwhelming and you can only hope everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Two parents who know how this feels are Alissa and Michael Dunn, who had two twin girls on July 4th, 2007. They named them Madeline and Isabella.

The happy parents thought all was well but then 2 months later, after a routine check-up, their lives changed.


The doctor noticed that one of the twins, Madeline, had an unusually swollen stomach. His face looked unusually worried according to the parents. They just knew.

“His face changed. And I think we both knew this wasn’t going to be a normal check up,” Michaels tells CBN.


Sadly, their hunch was true — Madeline, just 2-months-old, was diagnosed with cancer.

And when it rains it pours.

Not long after, Isabella started showing similar symptoms to her sister. Turns out they both had the exact same tumor in the same part of their body.

The cancer the little girls had is a very rare form of cancer called Stage 4S Neuroblastoma. What’s even more rare is identical twins developing the same type of cancer at the same time. The doctors were uncertain about their survival.


After careful consideration, the doctors recommended chemotherapy treatment for both girls. The infants were separated for the first round of treatments. It was a very distressing time for the parents.

“Things started looking grim pretty quickly, they got sick really quick. And they were in so much pain, you couldn’t touch their skin. It looked like it would crack,” Alyssa tells CBN.

Huge difference

You could clearly see the girls suffering. But on their second round of chemo, they were reunited and it made a huge difference.

They recognized each other instantly. Their smiles returned and they started kicking — they hadn’t done that in a month.

After that, miraculously, somehow their health improved with every passing week.


After some months, when the girls’ treatments were done, the family was waiting impatiently for the results of the MRI to see if they had actually worked.

Two weeks before Christmas, they got the phone call they had been wishing for. Both girls were healthy, with no trace of any cancer in their bodies.


It’s been 7 years since and the girls have now grown up to become young and healthy little girls — something doctors had never expected.

Watch the news report below for more on their miraculous recovery:

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