Donald Trump says “‘America needs a savior right now”, and its ‘Somebody much higher up than me’

Former President Donald Trump was at a Dallas church last Sunday to give an impassioned speech about how the U.S. is in the midst of uncertainty.

The 75-year-old reportedly spoke for around 10 minutes to members of First Baptist Church in Dallas, telling them that “dark clouds” are “hanging over our country”. He went on to add that Jesus is the “ultimate source of our strength and our hope.”

Much has been made of late regarding Trump’s potential run to reclaim the presidency in 2024. Indeed, the former POTUS appeared to flirt with the idea of becoming only the second president to serve two non-consecutive terms.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 30: Former first lady and president of the United States Melania and Donald Trump stand for the national anthem prior to Game Four of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves Truist Park on October 30, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

“We will come back bigger and better and stronger than ever before,” he told the gathered. “I’m telling you that. We won’t let this happen. We won’t let it happen.”

Trump took to the stage following a sermon by Pastor Robert Jeffress, who endorsed him in during his first campaign in 2016, and proved himself to be a staunch defender of the Trump administration in the midst of the various criticisms it found itself targeted by.

America’s 45th president quoted Scripture when explaining how the country needs help from a higher power in recovering from the present turmoil.

“Our country needs a savior right now, and our country has a Savior,” he said.

“And that’s not me – that’s somebody much higher up than me, much higher up. … The life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ forever changed the world. It’s impossible to think of the life of our own country without the influence of His example, and of His teachings.

“Our miraculous founding, overcoming Civil War, abolishing slavery, defeating communism and fascism, reaching boundless heights of science and discovery. … The United States ultimately becoming a truly great nation, and we’re going to keep it that way. We’re going to keep it that way. We’re not going to let it go.”

He began his speech, meanwhile, by referencing “dark clouds” currently hanging over the U.S.

“We’re in trouble. I think our nation’s in great trouble. I don’t think we’ve ever had a time like this with what happened in Afghanistan the way that was done so badly. And you look at the borders, and you look at the inflation, which is going to rip our country to pieces. We had no inflation, we had oil – much of it coming from Texas. We even filled up the strategic reserves.

“For decades and decades, they were empty and getting lower all the time. … But I will say that there’s a lot of clouds hanging over our country right now – very dark clouds.”

His closing remarks also appeared to have a more political element.

“We have an incredible country. It will be more incredible in years to come,” he said.

“We will do what has to be done to make America great again. We are going to make America great again. We are never going to forget that message. … It’s America first – and make America great again, and we will do it.”

Do you think Donald Trump is going to return to the White House? Would he make for a better president than Joe Biden?

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