Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” starts to play: In seconds sultry performance has everyone’s eyes popping

When someone shows off their ability to dance incredibly, I’m more often than not impressed. When someone demonstrates the skill of dancing on ice, I’m practically mesmerised.

Set apart from figure skating by the fact they don’t need to lift, jump, spin, or twirl, ice dancers can focus solely on fluid movements and footwork. What this means is that there’s perhaps even more emphasis put into what song they choose to skate to.

If you’ve ever watched ice dancing, you’ll know that a song can literally be the difference between a good routine and an absolutely incredible one. Which is what set aside Gabriella Papadkis and Guillaume Cizeron’s dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. That, and the fact they didn’t put a skate wrong …

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The pair began by making their way out into the center of the ice, Gabriella adorned in a striking red dress and Guillame donning all black.

Captivating performance

It didn’t take long for them to captivate their audience, what with their obvious chemistry and undeniable smoothness. They moved in sync with each other, their bodies harmonising with the rhythm of the tune and producing a spell-binding spectacle worthy of entertaining any crowd of people.

Of course, Gabriella and Guillaume have a rich history when it comes to enjoying success on the ice. The pair were named silver medallists at the 2018 Olympics, as well as boasting six gold medals from the prestigious Grand Prix Series. On top of that, Gabriella is a 3-time World Champion and 5-time French National champion.

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If you’re in the mood to be entertained, watch the video below for Gabriella and Guillaume’s impeccable routine:

I certainly wish I could move like that!

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