Emerald Belles astonish crowd with incredibly precise high kick routine

Have you ever been lucky enough to watch a dance routine that not just entertains but encapsulates you?

On rare occasions, truly special performances are able to do this; to transport you to another time and place, as though you’re in a bubble where everything outside the moment fades to insignificance. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve been to such a show … because you won’t be able to forget it.

Now, you’ve probably never heard of the high kick troupe Emerald Belles, but after watching what they’ve got to offer, I’m supremely confident you’ll tell someone about them. Accentuated by their dazzling outfits, sharp lines and precise formation changes, these Belles are anything but ordinary …

YouTube / GesamtCurtisWerk

There are a million and one dance teams across the globe, all of them forever striving to prove they’re the best around. As a result, it can be quite difficult to separate yourself from the crowd when it comes to true superiority.

This is truer than ever when your dance of choice is something like the supremely popular high kick style. Requiring perfect posture, balance, and a good deal of flexibility (not to mention the countless hours of practise and choreography) high kicking might look simple to the naked eye, but it’s notoriously difficult to master.

YouTube / GesamtCurtisWerk

Which is what makes the show put on by the ladies of Carroll Senior High School, Texas that bit more impressive. Known as the Emerald Belles, the troupe performed one hell of a routine for the Showmakers of America Dance Competition.

No sooner has the dance started than do they exhibit their flawless synchronization. The team fall back in a rippling motion, leaving but one of their number standing up straight in the center.

Some more awe-inspiringly precise choreography later and they have the crowd going insane. When Daft Punk’s classic “Around the World” kicks in it delivers a switch in energy that takes the entire piece to a new level.

See what I’m talking about in the video below:

High kick routines are challenging at the best of times, not to mention when you have a complex set and a large number of moving parts to organize. And yet the Emerald Belles managed to deliver a show that was virtually flawless. Not a single foot out of place from what we could see, and no sign at all of nerves.

It’s so good to witness these girls working in tandem in order to fight for their dreams. No doubt this took hours and hours of work to perfect, but it’s proof that if we are dedicated to what we believe in, and are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, beauty is what can come of it!

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