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Everyone Ignores Him, But Everything Changes With The Custome. We Must Stop Being Afraid Of Each Other.

You have to watch this video till the very end. The man’s name is Fabian and he is disabled. When he walk around in public some people give him strange looks and a lot of people refuse to sit next to him on the bus. It’s like he doesn’t exist. But when he put on this bear custome and walk around the town square, a bunch of people walks up to him for a hug. With the bear custome, no one is scared or awkward when close to him. This video, that’s a part of a social experiment, is a heartwarming and important initiative to draw attention to something awful. People with disabilities shouldn’t need to wear a custome to feel love and respect. I feel so much frustration when I watch this. People with disabilities are a part of our society and they deserve to be, just as much as anyone else. This shows why we must think beyond looks, skin color, and physical disabilities. The most important thing is what we have in our hearts. Feel free to share this video if you think this is an important message.  

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