Everyone Is Expecting An Ordinary Wedding, Then The Boy Stands Up; I Wish I Was There!

If there is one day in my life that I really don’t want unexpected surprises to occur on, that would be my wedding day. After months of planning and energy spent into trying to make everything perfect, disruptions could of course completely ruin the big day. Unless it’s a disruption like THIS one I came across — which instead really served to make the event even more memorable. Guests at this wedding were invited to a real treat.

Bride Shannon decided that she wanted to make her big day extra special, so she reached out to students from a music school to give her fiancé, Rick, and their 130 guests a surprise that goes straight to the heart. As when the bride walks down the aisle with her parents, it appears to be the start of just another ordinary ceremony. But then comes the cue… it’s time. A young man suddenly stands and begins singing a wedding favorite. What happens next makes for the next few minutes just absolutely moving, and a moment few could forget.

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