Family By The Ton star Casey King loses 600lbs – sit down before you see him today

If there’s any lesson my parents taught me that’s importance has been demonstrated time and again through my life, it’s that everyone has a right to feel comfortable and loved in their own body.

Let’s face it, the world would be a dull place indeed if we all looked and acted the same. Our differing appearances give us character, flavor, and a sense of self.

Of course, in today’s world, surgical alterations and treatments have become something of a norm, with many individuals able to chop and change their looks as they see fit.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, per say, we feel it’s important to remind readers that true beauty comes from within, and that learning to love oneself is a better remedy than any procedure money can buy.


That said, there are examples of medical interventions having quite literally transformed people’s lives for the better.

Some readers may recognize Casey King, a 38-year-old man who appeared on the hit TLC show Family By The Ton weighing an incredible 711 pounds.

Or won’t recognize him, I should perhaps say, after he underwent life-changing bariatric surgery that stripped him of almost 600 pounds!

As per the Daily Mirror, King, from Georgia, was on Family By The Ton back in 2019, together with his three cousins. Combined, the quartet weighed in at a jaw-dropping 2,200 pounds.

Credit / TLC – Family By The Ton

At that time, King couldn’t fit in a bath or shower. It should go without saying that his physical condition posed a very real threat to his life.

Four years on, however, he looks markedly different. Unrecognizable, in fact, given that he’s shed more weight than three average American men weigh put together.

As a result, King hasn’t only been given a second chance at life, but he told TMZ that he’s also now able to enjoy a normal sex life.

“I didn’t date before at all. I lost my virginity at 35, 36,” Casey revealed. “I never had a girlfriend. I literally never date ever until this past year and a half.

“It’s unbelievable. Girls are pretty, they smell good. They’re good to kiss, spend time with, the intimacy is great – there were things I was starved for my entire life.”

He added: “I’ve never experienced being around anyone, except on a friend level so it’s a whole new world of happiness and opportunity I didn’t even think about.”

King, who at his heaviest tipped the scales at 800 pounds, regularly updates followers of his journey via his social media pages – he claims his aim is to lose further 25 pounds.

He’s also looking to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin that he carries as a result of his extreme weight-loss.

I can only imagine how Casey feels having been given a new chance at life.

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