Family makes dad do something about his appearance, hours later no one can believe their eyes

When life gets complicated, it’s easy to let some things slide. Like your appearance, for one thing.

That’s what happened to 45-year-old dad Mike Weiss. When his wife, Rebecca, was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mike’s whole world turned upside down and the last thing he had on his mind was how he looked.

But years later, when Rebecca was healthy again, she wanted her husband to have his turn being taken care of.

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Mike was the rock of the family in the difficult time after his wife, Rebecca, got sick.

He drove the kids to school, picked them up afterward, cooked dinner for the family, and brought his wife to all her doctor visits — while always putting her needs first.

The only thing the dad didn’t look after was himself. So when Mike was chosen to get a makeover by the “Today” show, his family was over the moon. Now, he would finally get a little pampering after all that wear and tear!

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Mike went backstage… where a proper makeover session awaited.

The stylists cut off his curls, shaved off his beard, and switched out his old clothes with a brand new suit. And Mike was finally ready to meet his new look.

Talk about being stunned! His family’s reaction is just wonderful!

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It really is a true transformation. Wow, what a handsome guy!

Check out Mike’s awesome makeover here:

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