Family thinks mom is just giving birth to one baby – then dad reveals his secret

Keeping a pregnancy secret is difficult, if not impossible. As an expectant mother’s belly grows, people naturally become curious and can’t help but ask questions. And it’s difficult not to spread the wonderful news, especially with loved ones.

But for couples who are having twins, keeping the fact that they’re having more than one baby is quite a bit easier. And that’s just what this mom- and dad-to-be did.

Even from their own family.

The whole family knew about the pregnancy and were looking foward to welcoming a baby into their lives.

The birth went well and the proud new parents had twice as much to celebrate. Because they didn’t just have one baby, but two.

But when the rest of the family came to the hospital to congratulate the new parents, they had no idea that the couple had twins. So the moment when the new dad introduces not only Finn, but also his twin brother, Colby, is really something special.

And fortunately for us, the twins’ parents caught the moment on video. Check it out below:

Every child is a miracle, and the feeling of welcoming a newborn into the world is indescribable. I love that these parents managed to keep the fact that they were having twins from their relatives. And I love the moment when they reveal the secret.

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