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Family walks past a homeless guy – then dad shows them what Christmas is all about

Christmas is a holiday best spent with loved ones. But not everyone has someone to celebrate Christmas with—and I’m sure we’ve all walked past someone who wishes they could be with their loved ones this holiday season. Still, most of us are too preoccupied with ourselves to notice. Especially these days, as we seem to celebrate Christmas more with our wallets than our hearts.

And that’s why I want to share this music video. GENTRI: the Gentlemen Trio are three tenors, who among other things, sing an amazing version of “O Holy Night.” But above all, this video perfectly captures what Christmas is all about: warmth, community, and humanity.

It’s so nice to be reminded of what Christmas is all about!

Let’s share the Christmas message of warmth, compassion, and community. If sharing can make the world a better place, it’s definitely worth it.

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