Father and bride’s surprise wedding dance has entire internet smiling

The internet has time and time again surprised us with wonderfully creative wedding surprises; from priests with unexpected performances, to couples that just go all out with a crazy church flash mob. What’s certain is that such surprises are usually pure fun. 

Here’s another such wedding ‘surprise’ that was recently posted onto YouTube – and has gotten over 2 million people to smile since.

In it, the father of the bride Nate Ellison and his daughter Mikayla prepare for a tradtional bride/father dance. But the two in fact have something quite different in store for their guests.

The Ellisons are a very musical family – and this exceptional mash-up dance put together by father and daughter sure proves it!

Guests were preparing to witness a traditional father/bride dance, when suddenly the music changes up and things take a drastic turn. Have a watch for yourself below!

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