Fire Department honour hero 4-year-old who saved his baby brother from drowning

A four-year-old boy from Los Angeles has been made an honorary firefighter after saving his younger brother from drowning in the family pool.

As per reports, Mason Ochoa was at home in Placentia, Orange County when his little brother, one-year-old Nicholas, fell into a pool in their back garden.

Instead of panicking, though, Mason rushed out to his aid. He was able to grab his brother’s arm and hold his head above water while he cried for help.

Jose Ochoa, the boys’ father, called 911 after his wife told him what happened.

As per the emergency call, he said: “My wife told me right now that my son fell in the pool and he wasn’t breathing, that he’s crying right now, but that is face is purple and he’s – she can’t talk right now I’m on my way to them.”

Fortunately, Nicholas was pulled from the pool before he sustained any injuries. That is wholly down to the quick thinking and actions of his older brother, who undoubtedly saved his life.

As a reward, the Placentia Fire Department gave Mason a tour of their facility last week, where he was able to practise operating the hose line and perform other duties while dressed as a firefighter.

Placentia Fire Department Chief John Van Gieson, meanwhile, bestowed upon Mason the Placentia Home Town Hero Award and made him an honorary Firefighter/Paramedic.

Thanks to the quick action of Mason, his brother made a quick recovery, and is doing well!,” a statement from the fire department read.

Mason’s grandfather Raul Velez told how his family usually have a fence around the backyard pool, but had taken it down for an open house. Raul described Mason as a “fast learner” who already knows how to swim.

“That helps a lot,” he said. “He’s only four years old. He’s my hero.’

Indeed, thank the Lord Mason was there to save his brother’s life. What a real hero this young boy is.

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