First-year police officer shot in throat while on duty thanks God for his recovery

If you ask me, our brave police officers don’t get half of the respect they deserve when the dangers of their daily lives are taken into account.

I mean, sure, over the past few years the world has witnessed more than its fair share of officers who have sullied the profession, but it’s absolutely vital to remember the compassionate members of our police service.

It should never be forgotten that many of the men and women who serve in law enforcement are quite literally putting their lives on the line every day, all for the continued safety and general betterment of society.

The family of Thomas “Tommy” Mangan, an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, know this all too well …

As per reports, Tommy was responding to a call in Fountain Square, Indianapolis on the evening of February 27 when, from nowhere, he was shot in the neck.

Needless to say, Officer Mangan, still a first year officer taking part in field training, was grievously wounded – his voice box and Adam’s apple were damaged during the incident.

The road to recovery was an arduous one, but two months after the shooting, Officer Magan’s wife, Emory, shared her husband’s first words on social media.

In the video, posted to Facebook, Officer Magan can be heard saying: “Thank you Jesus… Thank you sweet, sweet Jesus.”

Tommy's first chosen words spoken after surgery. Hearing his voice again after two months was the sweetest sound. All praises be to our gracious God ♥️

Posted by Emory Mangan on Friday, April 29, 2022

Fortunately, Tommy was able to make a large part of his recovery at home with his wife Emory by his side. He recently opened up for the first time since he was shot, and praised God for helping him through the ordeal.

In a video released on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Facebook page, Officer Mangan said: “Being able to have faith and have that load be lightened is I believe the only way that it is possible to make it through. Not only make it through but [become] stronger through it.”

He also added that he believes God has a plan.

“One day at a time and being faithful in that, and seeing how that healing goes, getting back behind the wheel,” said Officer Mangan.

“And I think I see what we’re called to do and where we can be used best.”

Emory, meanwhile, took the opportunity to thank the strangers all over the country who have been praying for Tommy’s recovery.

“We feel very thankful in the midst of this very hard thing that we never would have asked for, never would have wished for,” she said.

“We see how the Lord has used it in our lives and how we’ve been able to meet all these incredible people and we’re just very thankful for that.”

It was back on February 27, 2022, when Officer Thomas Mangan was shot in the neck while on-duty. Since then, he has been recovering, slowly regaining his strength and his voice. Now, he and his wife are opening for the first time, about his health and the incident that changed his life forever. #PrayersForTommy #OfficerMangan

Posted by IMPD News on Sunday, August 21, 2022

As for Officer Mangan, he said he’s also thankful for the support of the community.

“Everyday when you put on your vest, you put your belt on, your holster and are ready to take on the challenges of each day,” he said.

“You’re not alone. You also have a community that is backing you up.”

I think it’s so important for people to remember the risk police officers put themselves in as they go about trying to make our society a safer place to live in.

Please, share this article to thank Officer Thomas Mangan for his service, and to say a pray for all the good service men and women out there.