She follows her heart and marries boyfriend with cancer: 3 weeks later, miracle happens

Rob Mooberry and his future wife Amanda met while working at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

Amanda was employed as a cocktail waitress and Rob as a bartender. From the very first time they met, there was love in the air.

Not long after the couple start dating, however, their relationship was put to the ultimate test.

Rob began to inexplicably struggle; he often felt under the weather and complained about his stomach. Just one year after he and Amanda had met, he’d lost 30kg.

The couple visited many doctors – no one could tell them exactly what was wrong.

Finally, one surgeon decided to investigate via surgery, because “no healthy man loses 30 kilos in one year”.

Following said surgery, the couple were dealt devastating news.

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The doctors were forced to give the couple the worst: Rob had colon cancer of a most serious kind. During the surgery, a doctor had removed a tumour as big as a fist.

Unfortunately, there was worse to come. The cancer has already spread to his bowels, lymph nodes and bladder.

Doctors estimated that Rob only had a few weeks left to live. That night, as the couple were digesting the news, Rob realised he was on timer.

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Amanda explained: “One night, as I laid in the hospital bed next to Rob, he turned to me and whispered, ‘I want to get married’.

“I immediately cried out, “So do I!”‘

Rob and Amanda tied the knot with each other just two days before he was due to start radiation therapy in hospital.

Facebook / Amanda Mu Moo

Following the ceremony, Rob’s treatment began. However, after the first round, he showed no signs of improvement.

Instead of continuing radiation and chemotherapy, the couple decided to take a break from the conventional methods and allow Rob’s body time to rid itself of some of the toxins.

In pure desperation, the pair turned to alternative medicines.

“We both changed our diets to strictly vegan, experimented with different herbs, and even did coffee enemas,” Amanda said.

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The doctors questioned the logic; as of yet, there is no scientific evidence of alternative methods having the ability to cure cancer.

But, miraculously, after just three weeks, Rob returned for more scans and they showed that 80 percent of the cancer was gone from his body.

By December 2014, all traces of the disease were gone from Rob’s body.

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Rob’s story quickly went viral around the world, with many people believing that the vegan died had cured him.

Rob, though, is keen to stress that he doesn’t want to spread the rumour that going vegan will definitely defeat cancer.

However, he does hope that he can inspire others to choose a healthier lifestyle.

After Rob’s health began to improve, the couple decided to start a family together. Because of the radiotherapy, it was impossible for them to conceive naturally. Instead, they turned to IVF.

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After one heartbreaking miscarriage, Amanda fell pregnant with twins. The new parents welcomed their children into the world in 2016.

“It’s crazy to think that a few years ago we had all the odds stacked against us, but It just goes to show you that love can create miracles,” Amanda added.

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Irrespective of exactly what got rid of Rob’s cancer, I’m convinced of one thing: Love is the most powerful force we humans have.

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