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Fraternal Twins Discover They Were Identical All Along.

When Kristin and Erika’s mom was eight months pregnant, she was shocked to find out that she wasn’t just having one baby—she was expecting twins. Her daughters-to-be, her obstetrician told her, were fraternal, and each one had her own amniotic sac and placenta. And for most of their lives, the twins believed this was so…  

Growing up, Erika and Kristin’s mother encouraged them to live separate lives so they could escape the pressure of being seen as twins. So the twins had different friends, took different class, and had different interests. But there was one thing they couldn’t change— Erika and Kristin looked exactly alike.

The sisters are mirror images of each other. Erica smiles to the right, while Kristin smiles to the left. They have “freakishly similar” hands. They each lost their first tooth with an hour of the other. And most importantly, the twins have and unbreakable bond.

Still, as adults, the twins have followed different paths. As Erika focused on her family, Kristin put all of her energy into her career. But even as they got older, the two felt something wasn’t quite right. As different as they were, the pair didn’t feel quite like fraternal twins. The sisters always felt like identical twins.

So when they decided to get their DNA tested by 23andME, they we astonished to find… they were actually identical twins all along!

“For the first time in forever I was speechless. Being a twin is unlike a typical sibling relationship. You share a womb. It is a bond that is difficult to describe. It is your identity,” Erika said.

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