Genius Dad Turns Kiddie Pool Into An Awesome Science Project.

These days, most toy stores sell children’s science kits that turn things like physics into a fun hands-on learning experience. But once in a while, a mad scientist comes along who’s able to demonstrate the principles of physics without having to buy any equipment at all. Take the dad in this video, for example. All he has are his ordinary backyard pool and a floatable. To most people, that’s just a recipe for a good time. But this dad knows how to maximize the fun through physics. He turns his pool and floatable into the the perfect lab to demonstrate test a principle called “constructive wave interference.” While the phrase may sound complicated, you did see the word “wave” in there, right? And sure enough, this experiment is all about making giant waves! Here’s how Wikipedia explains it: “If a crest of a wave meets a crest of another wave of the same frequency at the same point, then the magnitude of the displacement is the sum of the individual magnitudes—this is constructive interference.” What does this mean? Well, basically, when two waves of the same size come together at the same time, they double in size. So get ready for waves twice as big as you’ve ever seen in a back yard pool. It’s a science lesson his kids will never forget!

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