Girl gets a gift from stepmother – takes a closer look inside bag and breaks down

Giving a present to someone you hold dear to your heart can be difficult, but nothing beats a thoughtful and personal gift.

Not only does it symbolize the love you have for that person but it also shows that you’ve thought the gift through.

This is most likely what Brigitte had in mind when she gave a birthday present to her stepdaughter Haley — but I don’t think she expected the reaction she got.

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I think Haley will never forget her birthday party earlier this year with all her friends and family there to celebrate with her.

Everything took an unexpected turn when Haley’s stepmother, Brigitte, came with a bag for the birthday girl.

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Haley opened the bag and saw the stuffed animal that was inside.

She was thrilled and thought it was sweet, but little did she know that Brigitte had placed another special item in the bag.

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Haley continued digging into the bag and realized there was more in there!

There was note — with some sort of message…

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Ever gotten a gift for someone and worried whether they’d like it? Well that’s probably how Brigitte was feeling when her stepdaughter started reading her note.

The note said that Brigitte’s application to adopt Haley had been approved and that she was now officially her new mom. And the girl’s reaction? It hit me straight in the heart!

This is just too beautiful!

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