Girl With Down Syndrome Survives Against All Odds.

The odds were against Delany Skye before she was even born. But thanks to her mother’s love, she has been able to fight on and become an inspiration to others. Delany’s story is dramatic and her path has been a bumpy one. But nothing so far has been impossible for the now three-and-a-half-year-old miracle baby. And when you read her story below, you’ll realize that she has the potential to do great things in life.

Andrea Ott-Dahl, left, was already a proud mother. But when family friends told her that they were having difficulty conceiving children, she didn’t hesitate. She stood in as a surrogate mother to help them to create the family they’d always dreamed of.


It just goes to show you how selfless and courageous Andrea is. Being pregnant for nine months with someone else’s child is no small favor…


The family who Andrea was a surrogate for was overjoyed when she finally became pregnant. It took a little longer than they had anticipated, but when they got the good news, they were happy for the new life.


But pretty soon, doctors noticed something strange about the ultra sound. And after further tests, genetic specialists came forward to reveal the problem. The baby had Down syndrome, and she had a strong chance of being born both blind and deaf, and possibly autistic. In addition, doctors didn’t even know if the baby would survive.

The baby’s would-be parents now had a change of heart about the surrogacy. They didn’t want to raise a child who demanded so much of them. And they even asked Andrea to have an abortion…

But after Andrea thought through the situation, she did what she felt was right in her heart—she kept the baby and chose to raise it herself.


Soon baby Delaney was born. Her first day on earth was filled with tubes, surgery, and confusion. For a while, it seemed that God would call back an angel before she even had a chance to experience the world.

But Delaney was a fighter and she has continued to be throughout her life. Before she was even born, she fought for her life and won, and she had no plans to give up, no matter what the doctors said.

After several operations, doctors said she could come home in 10 days. But Delaney was ready after only five!


I think this picture is fantastic. It almost seems that the newborn baby is comforting her mother and letting her know that she made the right choice to keep her child.


Ever since, Delaney has smashed all the prejudices against her and proven all her doubters wrong. Not only is she a little cutie, she is growing at a normal rate!

She is even ahead of the curve when it comes to certain things that “normal” children do.


Recently, the whole family went to Disney World and she woke up her big sister so they could get an early start on the day and have more time to play.


Many parents who find out that their child has Down syndrome early in pregnancy choose to terminate their pregnancy. Hopefully, little Delaney shows that just because she’s a little different doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve a chance at life.

Delany is not a Down syndrome girl. She’s a beautiful little girl who just happens to have Down syndrome.


Here’s the whole family together. The odds were against them. But love won and something tells me that with such nice surroundings, Delaney will grow up and become a great woman.

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Watch the video below to see Delaney take her first steps.

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