"Goodbye sweetheart": Heartbroken dad gives his daughter a final kiss goodbye

“Goodbye sweetheart”: Heartbroken dad gives his daughter a final kiss goodbye

There is a decent amount of good people in this world. Thank goodness for that. Unfortunately, there are also a good number of nasty people too. The worst kind are the ones who inflict pain onto children.

It’s mind-blowing how these people can look at themselves in the mirror or even sleep at night. What possesses someone to act violently towards an innocent child will always remain a mystery to us.

This particular story about child abuse is from July last year. It’s a tragic story about a family in Slovenia, a small country in Europe. It’s not ideal to tell stories like this one, but we still feel it’s important that they are told, so that things like this never happen again.


The picture above is of a little girl named Arina. Sadly, Arina is no longer with us. She was neglected by social services, leaving her mother and her mother’s boyfriend to abuse her so badly she finally died.

Her biological father, Senad Kardasevic, loved his baby girl very much. But not long after his ex wife, Sanda Alibabic, started dating Mirzan Jakupi, the father started noticing bruises on his little girl’s body. It happened consistently but no one took it seriously.

Time after time, he contacted social services in Slovenia. He explained to them that he was worried and didn’t trust his little girl being in the hands of her mother and the boyfriend. Social services made a home visit and conducted interviews, but apparently there wasn’t enough evidence to prove any real abuse, LifeBuzz reports.


That would have been the perfect opportunity to save this little girl’s life.

Despite Senad’s best efforts, one day he received a phone call that no father should have to ever receive.

According to The Daily Mail, Arina’s mother called an ambulance and claimed that her little girl had run into a radiator by accident and hurt herself.

It turned out however, that Arina was in much worse condition than anyone could’ve imagine. She had a severely swollen face, broken bones and horrible bruises all over her body. There was no way a baby could have inflicted all of this onto herself from running into a radiator. It was finally clear what was really happening. But sadly it was too late.


The doctors did all they could but the damage was done. The little girl passed away after two days of fighting for her life. Senad was by her side the whole time and kissed his baby girl goodbye.

The picture of him crying next to his daughter on her deathbed as she’s connected to a life machine has haunted thousands upon thousands not just in Slovenia but worldwide in the past year.

Sanda and Mirzan have since then been arrested and their trial is on-going. They could face up to 15 years in prison, LifeBuzz reports.

Since the death of his daughter, Senad has been fighting for justice on behalf of his little girl. The case reached Anja Kopač Mrak, the Minister of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities in Slovenia. She has since asked for a thorough investigation, according to LifeBuzz.


As tragic as the fate of this little girl was, we hope it will help prevent innocent children from being abused by cruel parents in the future.


Child abuse is something that still happens in every part of the world. It needs to addressed and stopped. Please help share Arina’s tragic story to shine light on this very important subject.

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