Grandfather meets his newborn granddaughter at hospital – seconds into the meeting, he understands his daughter has lied about everything

James Keleman has been surrounded by women all his life. Growing up he had two sisters, as an adult he fathered four daughters and as a grandfather he has two beautiful granddaughters.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. But when yet another one of his daughters became pregnant, James was really hoping for a boy. 

Nevertheless, he was still happy to be a grandfather to yet another babygirl.

On what just happened to be his own birthday, James received a phone call from his daughter Carie, telling him she had given birth to his new granddaughter. Talk about an amazing birthday gift. 

James rushed to the hospital to meet his new grandchild.

But as soon as he got to the hospital, he noticed a funny mood in the room. His daughter was looking at him with a goofy smirk. She then told him there was something they hadn’t told him.

Turns out the whole family had kept a little secret from James. They’d been lying to him.

Carie had actually had a son — and not a girl like she had told her father. This was the first boy in the family for generations.

But that’s not the only surprise. Not only did the grandad and his long awaited grandson share the same birthday but they would share the same name. The boy was given the name Landry James Elbe

What an adorable surprise for this grandpa! You can watch the moment he finds out he is going to have a grandson below.

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