The Grandpa Cries When He’s Rejected By His Family. But The 5-Year-Old Does Something That Changes Everything For The Family.

The Grandpa Cries When He’s Rejected By His Family. But The 5-Year-Old Does Something That Changes Everything For The Family.

I don’t know if this story is true. But I’ve seen it on a lot of sites. And I think the message is so important that I want to share this with you. Take care of your loved ones and enjoy every moment.

An old man lived with his son and wife and his 5-year-old grandson. The old man was sick and his vision was bad. He limped and since his hands were shaky, everyday life was a challenge to him. One day during dinner, the whole family was gathered. The grandpa’s shaky hands made it difficult for the rest of the family to eat. Food fell of his fork and the glass of milk was spilled over the tablecloth.
– We have to do something about this. I’m tired of the mess he causes, and not to mention his annoying chomping, the irritated son told his wife.

At the next dinner, they put a table which was separated from the dinner table. That was grandpa’s table while the rest of the family was sitting together at the big table. Because of his difficulty to eat, both one and two plates was broken during previous dinners. Grandpa’s food was now served in a tree bowl.

The family glimpsed at him while he sat there with his food. He said nothing, but they noticed a tear falling down his cheek.

Their 5-year-old son witnessed everything saying nothing. Later that night, the parents saw their son sitting down on the floor playing with some wooden parts. It was obvious that he tried to build something.
– What are you building, the dad asked.
– I’m trying to build a little bowl for you and mom which you can use when you get old, the boy answered quietly.

Both mom and dad’s eyes glanced. Their voices started to break slowly, and after a while tears were falling down their cheeks. They looked at each other in silence and got an enlightenment. They knew what they had to do.

When it was time for dinner the dad grabbed grandpa’s hand and led him to the dinner table. From that day, he always ate together with the rest of the family at the big table. The small table was put away in the garage and has been there ever since. No one cared about pieces of food who fell off his fork, spilled milk or dirty tablecloths.

Spend time with those you love. Life is too short to worry about small things. Collect moments, not things.

If you have a moment, share this inspirational story to your loved ones and remember to take care of them through all of your life.