Grandpa thinks they’re celebrating his granddaughter’s birthday – then gets the surprise of his life

It’s often said that it’s more fun to give than to receive—especially when you see the reaction of the person receiving your gift.

I think the young woman in the video below would agree. As her birthday approached, she decided to invite the whole family over. But instead of celebrating her birthday, she surprised her grandfather with something he’d always dreamed of.

And after seeing this video, I’m sure this woman received the best birthday gift of all—seeing her granddad’s wonderful reaction.

Grandpa had always been fond of a particular model of Mercedes—something his granddaughter hadn’t forgotten about over the years. So when she got an opportunity to buy the exact model, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

She decided to reveal her big surprise on her birthday, when her family, including her grandfather, went to her house to celebrate.

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When the family pulls the cover off of the car, Grandpa thinks it’s a birthday gift for his granddaughter.

But the family explains that the Mercedes is actually his.

“What are you talking about?” says the surprised grandfather.

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“You kiddin’? Honest?” Grandpa says, despite his family’s attempts to convince him.

But soon, it sinks in—and Grandpa’s reaction is just so touching. With a mix of laughter and tears, he puts his hand on his heart and says, “I can’t believe it.”

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Naturally, Grandpa takes a seat in his dream car.

“It’s your birthday,” he exclaims to his granddaughter, who answers, “Doesn’t matter.”

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Watch the moving clip here:

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