Guy gets a total makeover after letting his hair grow for 22 years

Everyone has their own unique style, and hair is of course an important part of that.

For years, I’ve been fantasizing about doing something radically different with my hair, but I haven’t gotten up the courage yet. But in the meantime, I just love seeing others make the change… And it gives me ideas and inspiration for my own future makeover.

Phillip loved having long hair so much that he let it grow for 22 years. Once a year, he’d tidy it up, but he’d always keep his long wavy hair. Then recently, Phillip felt it was time to say goodbye to his old hairstyle.

In the video below, Phillip shows the camera a photo of the last time he had short hair and you can really see how many years have passed…

For obvious reasons, Phillip was initially hesitant to take the plunge, but when he sees the end result? Talk about an incredible transformation!

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