Guy tweets how he met his wife at grave, and it’s so great people want to see a movie

Love is something that’s perfectly unique to every one of us.

One of the most beautiful components of this fabulous, terrifying, all-consuming phenomenon, is that no one can really prepare you for it, nor tell you what to expect when it comes. It just happens, when it will, and if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself wrapped in a bubble of storybook pleasantness.

Of course, there are those love stories that reach out and touch us all, those that resound across society for one reason or another, and make their way into our hearts despite having absolutely nothing to do with any of us. This is one of those.

It revolves around a man and how he met his wife, and is so crazily coincidental/random that it’s amassed a whopping 551,000 likes on Twitter. Read on below for the full story …

It all began back when our protagonist, Matt – who goes by the username SixthFormPoet – was paying a visit to his father’s grave. He realized that the grave next to his dad’s never had any flowers on it, so after a time began to buy his own flowers for the mystery person.

A few trips to the florists later, and Matt had garnered sufficient interest in the deceased man that he decided to Google his name …

Unsurprisingly, the Twitter world took to Matt’s story and spread it around like it was made of gold. At the time of writing, the thread has over 550,000 likes on Twitter, not to mention the fact that half of the people reading it are calling for it to be turned into a movie.

Indeed, it’s a small slice of happiness for anyone who wants a little chuckle today. Bless you, Matt, for trying – and kind of failing – to do the right thing.

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