He doesn’t have a date to prom – then a stranger arrives and brings his mom to tears

Making other people happy is one of the finest and most satisfying things we can do.

And no one knows this as well as a high school senior who asked her classmate with Down syndrome to homecoming.

The 17-year-old and his mom couldn’t hold the tears back. But even so, the memorable evening was just beginning.

Seventeen-year-old Daniel was bummed that he didn’t have a date to homecoming. The teen, who has Down syndrome, felt like an outcast and thought he’d have to go alone.

But to Daniel’s great surprise, his classmate Kylie had a special question for him.

Image Source: YouTube / Fox5 Las Vegas

Kylie asked Daniel if he wanted to go to homecoming with her, something Daniel accepted without hesitation. But despite this wonderful turn of events, there were more surprises to come. A local TV station was tipped off—and decided to make the day even better.

Daniel and his date rode to homecoming in a Rolls Royce and walked down the red carpet together. And the experience left the 17-year-old shedding tears of joy.

“My mom is so happy for me,” Daniel said.

Image Source: YouTube / Fox5 Las Vegas

During the evening, Daniel and Kylie received several surprises that brought Daniel’s mom, Tonya to tears. First, Kylie got a new car, and then Daniel, who always dreamed of going to college, won a scholarship worth just over $10,000.

“A lot of people put a lot of boundaries on Daniel and he’s capable of anything and everything that he wants. And this opportunirt that he was blessed with is unbelievable,” said mother, Tonya.

Image Source: YouTube / Fox5 Las Vegas

Imagine what a small act of kindness can do for a whole family. Daniel seems to be a totally awesome guy who was given a chance to realize his dreams.

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