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He Lies About His Age To Marry Her. 70 Years Later, He Dies Just Hours After She Does.

Kenneth and Helen met as teenagers. They fell for each other, quickly developing a passionate love affair and intimate friendship. After two years together, they had no doubt – they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. At the time, Helen was 21 years old, but Kenneth was 20, but in Ohio where they lived it was illegal for anyone under 21 to marry. The eager couple waited patiently for Kenneth’s 21st birthday, but they were so anxious to marry that they ended up doing the day before his birthday.  

What a beautiful, young couple they are. Their photos just scream romance.


Kenneth and Helena gradually formed a large, beautiful family together. In total, they had eight children, and their family eventually grew to give them another 23 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren.


As Kenneth and Helen grew older, their family were convinced of one thing: Their love and ties were so strong that they could hardly live without each other. Everyone felt that if one passed away, the other would shortly do the same to promptly join the other.


And it turns out the children were right. Every morning for 70 years, the couple held hands at breakfast, until in 2014, when Helen passed away at the age of 92. And sure enough, just 15 hours later, 91-year-old Kenneth followed.


“Just hours after mom passed, dad left to be with her,” one of their children told ABC 15.

Photos: YouTube

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