He Said He Wanted To Replace Her With A 23-Year-Old. The Wife’s Answer Is Just Brilliant!

This story is about the feeling ”the grass is always greener on the other side”… I don’t know whether the story is 100% true or not. But still, it’s incredibly funny and the wife’s answer had me laughing for hours.

A man wasn’t satisfied with his wife, because he felt she wasn’t holding up her part of their marriage.

After 50 years of marriage I took a good look at my wife one day and said:
“50 years ago we had a cheap house, a worn car, we slept on a sofabed and watched a small black and white TV. However, I still got to go to bed with a 23-year-old hottie.”

Today I have a home worth millions, a 100 000 dollar-car, a king size bed and an expensive TV. But now I go to bed with a 73-year-old lady. So I told my wife:
– It seems you’re not holding up your part?

My wife is a very reasonable woman. So she told me to go out and find a hot 23-year-old girl. At the same time, she would make sure I once again had the chance to live in a cheap house, to drive a worn car, sleep on a sofabed as well as watch a small black and white TV.

I find her answer to be so simple but at the same time brilliant! There is certainly much wisdom in older women that everyone can learn from! 😉

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