Heart-wrenching commercial sheds light on challenges of people living in nursing homes

Now and then, a commercial comes along that is more than just advertisement. While advertisers sometimes gets a bad rap, I think commercials which convey an important message deserve some credit.

That’s what compelled me to share this new Adidas ad, which raises the question of eldery people and mental illness in our societies.

Often neglected and judged, elderly people and individuals suffering from mental illness are not always perceived as human, and even as ‘alive’ as the rest of us. But what I think we most often forget is that in so many cases, these people, at least at some point in their lives, were doing amazing things… This commercial presents one such individual.

Whatever you do, watch until the very end, when I promise your heart will cheer with joy.

The commercial features the story of a former marathon runner who has since been admitted into what appears to be a retirement home.

We see him strap on his favorite Adidas shoes, which he then uses to try to escape from the home. But when the home staff lock up his shoes to prevent him from attempting further escapes – his friends come to the rescue.

Watch the heart-wrenching commercial below.


Please share this moving commercial to help raise awareness about mental illness – and remind everyone that every individual residing in one is as human as the rest of us!

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