Her babysitter canceled – then this mom walks out of class and sees this

Single mom and student Monica Willard had a final exam take and left her children with a babysitter.

But at the last moment, her babysitter canceled and Monica had no choice but to bring her four- and five-year-old children to her university.

The siblings sat in the hallway waiting for their mother to emerge from the exam. But they soon grew impatient and started fighting over their shared laptop.

And that was when Monica’s history teacher, Dr. Daniel Krebs, stepped into action.

Fortunately, a student took a picture of the priceless scene in the hall and shared it on her Facebook page, where it spread like wildfire.

“Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight,” writes photographer Victoria Henry. “After just a few minutes of the kids playing loudly, the professor went to the hall and simply started to play with them to keep them occupied while their mom took the final.”

Watch the heartwarming story here:

A lot of professors would have reacted very differently to the commotion in the hall, but Dr. Daniel proved that his heart is definitely in the right place. Share if you agree!

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