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Her daughter is taken off life-support – 1 hour later, a security cam captures a miracle

Whether or not you believe in angels, I think you’ll find Chelsea Banton’s story inspiring.

Chelsea had a tough start in life—she was born five weeks prematurely and spent her childhood fighting health problem after health problem.

But 2008, her mother, Colleen Banton, realized that the 14-year-old girl didn’t have much time left.

Colleen admired her daughter’s bravery in battling a lifetime’s worth of diseases. But Chelsea’s outlook was bleak, and her doctors had given up hope. So Colleen made the incredibly difficult decision to turn off her daughter’s life-support system.

Then an hour later, an image appeared near the door to Chelsea’s room.

A hospital staff member discovered it on a security camera and called Colleen over to see it.

“It was an image of an angel,” Colleen said.


The awe-struck mother didn’t know whether the angel had come to take her daughter to heaven or was there to save her life.

That is, until another miracle happened—Chelsea slowly started to recover.

After two months in the hospital, Chelsea was finally able to go home to her family. Her doctors were amazed, as they rarely see such a speedy recovery.


Thanks to the miraculous turn of events, Chelsea celebrated her 15th birthday with her family.

“It’s a miracle. And I’m learning not to take things for granted,” mom Colleen said with tears in her eyes. “This will be a special birthday. Who knows? It could be her last. But she’s come this far, and I’m not giving up now.”


That was in 2008. And thankfully, her 15th birthday wasn’t Chelsea’s last.

Chelsea fought hard for another seven years. And although she had to leave this world far too early, she was still managed to spend seven wonderful years with her family after that special day in the hospital.

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