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Her Friends Nagged Her To Cut Her Hair For 25 Years. When She Turns Around? WOW.

We have previously written about the couple who let their hair grow for over 10 years – and eventually underwent a huge makeover. Now, we bring you Rosa Ramirez, who hasn’t cut her hair in 25 years! And just like the rocker couple, she’s also agreed to undergo a major makeover. Seeing her before and after is certainly amazing. But what she does with her hair really warmed my heart. Rather than throw it out, she donated it to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs using real hair for children suffering from cancer. How much hair did Rosa end up with after her cut? 4 feet! In the clip below, you’ll hear more about Rosa’s heart-warming initiative, and at about 57 seconds you get to see her incredible transformation.

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