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Her parents let her pick her class photo outfit – now the 3-yr-old’s choice is an online sensation

For many young school students, class photo day is the most important day of the year.

And when it came time for 3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach to have her photograph taken, her parents picked out a typical preschool outfit her.

Kaylieann had another idea in mind, though, and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Now, her inspired choice of clothing has become a sensation online—and it’s not for nothing that the whole school now calls Kaylieann their very own “superhero”…

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Kaylieann Steinbach has always had two heroes: Superman and Supergirl. But the three-year-old, who has a hearing impairment and can’t hear the letter “S,” calls them “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl.”

So when her preschool recently had class photo day, Kaylieann had no doubt about what she wanted to wear.

“She walked up, looked over each of her choices, turned and said, ‘Pootergirl!’ And well, I couldn’t argue with that,” dad Austin Steinbach told the Huffington Post.

Facebook / Love What Matters

Kaylieann’s class photo soon became universally loved both online and among her classmates.

These days, to her friends’ delight, Kaylieann usually goes to preschool dressed as superheroes or other characters ranging from Spiderman and Batman to Anna from the movie “Frozen.”

Facebook / Kathy J. Steinbach

Isn’t it wonderful to see courageous children who dare to stand out and are unafraid to let conventions determine how they’re “supposed” to dress?

I think we all can learn a lot just by looking at this gorgeous 3-year-old’s example. Share if you agree!

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