Meet the twin sisters who have amazed the whole world

Donna and Vice got the amazing news: they would be parents – again. They already had three children, but wanted more.

The announcement was received with tremendous joy. And soon, they discovered their joy was to be doubled – the ultrasound revealed two tiny babies inside Donna. 

What the ultrasound couldn’t have revealed, however, was just how different these two tiny babies would prove to be.

When fraternal twins Lucy and Maria were born in 1997, their immediately very different appearance baffled their white father, half-jaimacan mother and doctors alike.


Lucy and Maria’s other siblings all had similar skin tones, more or less midway between white and black. But somehow, the twin girls were born on opposite sides of the genetic spectrum. 


Mother Donna dressed them in matching outfits, like many other twins, but the older the twins became, the more different they seemed to look from each other- no matter how alike they were dressed. 


Today, they are not only sisters, but best friends who continue to fascinate people around the world. Many don’t believe they are sisters – let alone twins. 


Most sisters, and especially twin sisters, share similar features, whether in terms of colors, or features. But with these two sisters, both color and features appear very different.

I think their diversity makes them all the more unique and special!


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