Here’s Exactly How To Deal With A Rude Customer. This Is Genius.

I just don’t get rudeness. I never have and never will. There are some very clear, minimum levels of respect and politeness that I think everyone owes everyone; both those that are closest to us as well as those we’re meeting for the first time — and may never see again. When I do come across an incident – like the one in this story- where someone is being rude and downright mean to a person in the service industry, I clench my teeth and want to scream. But it’s hard to have the guts to actually do something about it. That’s why I loved this story so much– someone actually did. I’m not sure if it happened in real life or not, but it certainly made me smile ear to ear.  

It’s a relatively busy day at a cafe near my work. Several customers are already standing in line. It’s the next person’s turn, and he seems to aggressively approach the cashier who’s about to take his order.

Customer: “Thank God, this line was taking forever.”

Cashier: “Sorry about the wait, sir. May I take your order?”

The customer proceeds to rattle off a long, confusing, and often contradictory order, including such things as a meatless ham sandwich.

Cashier: “Sir, I’m a little confused by your order. Do you mean—”

Customer: “—oh for God’s sake, I have to repeat myself now? Weren’t you paying attention the first time?”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t want to get anything wrong. You made a big order, and—”

Customer: *sighs* “I’ll repeat myself, but just this once. I hate dealing with lazy ignorant dropouts like you.”

(He repeats his order, but the cashier understands it even less because she is trying not to cry. He finishes speaking and snaps his fingers at her.)

Customer: “Hello?! Punch it in! I haven’t got all day, and—”

(Suddenly one of the other customers; a strongly-built man who has been quietly sitting at a nearby table, roars and leaps to his feet, flipping the table and spilling his coffee in the process.)


(The rude customer shrieks and flees from the store. I and the remaining customers stare at the man, who quietly picks up the table and comes over to the counter.)

Man at table: “I’ll pay for any damage. If you could show me where the mops are, I’ll take care of the mess too.”

Cashier: “I-I-I, um…”

Man at table: “Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. There’s always gonna be jerks like that around.”

Cashier: “Uh, you, um…”

Man at table: “Oh, the prison thing?” *laughs* “Never been in jail in my life. So, anyway, where’s that mop?”

Source: Not Always Right

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