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Hidden camera: Woman parks in handicap spot – then gets lesson of a lifetime

Parking spaces are marked with clear signs – so it’s difficult to try to get away with saying you haven’t seen them. That said, if you have two healthy legs that can get you to and fro a location, I say count your blessings and don’t ever let laziness be the cause of inconviencing someone who truly needs a handicap spot.

But for the woman captured on video in this story from Texas, US, that was all ignored. She decided to steal a handicap parking spot, lazily parking her car right outside the entrance of a restaurant. 

Little did she know that on that day, the National Geographic was driving a handicap van around in a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of handicap spots to disabled people – and that she would learn a lesson she’d never forget.

The clip, filmed with a hidden camera, shows the National Geographic parking a handicap bus just behind the woman’s car, once they’ve seen she didn’t have permission to park there.

They then start to very slowly unload the bus’ disabled passengers – at the lowest possible speed.

When the woman comes out of the restaurant, she realizes that she’s unable to pull her car out of the handicap spot where she was illegally parked – and she’s forced to stand and wait for every single person in the van is slowly escorted out.  

Based on her reaction, I somehow suspect she’s unlikely to ever make the mistake again! 

What a great lesson in manners! Please share as a reminder to everyone to never park in handicap spots unless needed!  

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