High school dancers hit the floor, only to make everyone’s heart pump

There’s something captivating about dance that can be truly appreciated by those who boast two left feet.

Growing up I would watch dance groups with a strange fixation. I hardly had the confidence to even begin thinking about dancing myself, but I certainly enjoyed watching spectacles play out before my eyes.

Which is probably why I was so impressed when I stumbled across a particular dance caught on camera at a high school

YouTube / GesamtCurtisWerk

The dancers, known as the Emerald Belles, come from Carroll High School, Texas, and lined up in suits that matched every bit as well as their synchronized choreography.

Their routine showcases not only their incredible flexibility and strength, but also their eye-catching technique as a collective.

When it’s considered that every single dancer in this performance has to be working in tandem at all times, and that even the slightest slip up would be visible to all, one can truly begin to grasp the magnitude of their efforts.

Carroll High School Emerald Bells
YouTube / GesamtCurtisWerk

Dancing to a remix of the song “Sweet Dreams”, by Eurythmics, the three-and-a-half dance performance was as close to a perfect show as you’re likely to get.

YouTube / GesamtCurtisWerk

It’s one thing to keep your rhythm and match your movements in a small group, but to do it on such a scale?

Personally, my breath caught in my chest the first time I saw this. See for yourself in the video below:

Did you find this performance enthralling from start to finish?

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