Hold onto your beers – you can now get your very own inflatable Irish pub

Ever find yourselves complaining that there aren’t any good bars in your neighborhood, or even closer to home? Ever consider the fact that you can get drunk for far

Well, an Irish company called The Inflatable Pub Company has made the dream of having a pub in your own backyard a reality. At least for the day.

It turns you can rent (or buy) an inflatable pub in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, the UK and yes, even Ireland. They’re festive, summery, totally Irish, and sure to give you the perfect backdrop to sink as many beers as you wish.

So grab a cold one, scroll down, and start planning your perfect backyard pub!

When I saw these pictures, I was wishing I had something to celebrate this summer, like a graduation, birthday, or wedding. Because one of these inflatable Irish pubs would make the perfect party setting – my backyard – even better.

No, this isn’t a bouncy castle for a kid’s birthday. It’s like your dream Irish bar turned into a cloud and landed in your backyard.

pub 1
Paddy Wagon Pub / Facebook

Inside, there are all of the touches that get you in the mood for good old fashion beer drinking and celebration, from faux fireplaces and leaded glass windows to classic wood and stone work. Word to the wise, no darts.

pub 2
Paddy Wagon Pub / Facebook

But these pubs really come alive when the guests arrive and the drinks start pouring. The pubs can hold 30-70 people with enough room for a bar, party food, and kegs of your favorite ale.

pub 3
Paddy Wagon Pub / Facebook

Could you see yourself knocking back a couple pints of Guinness or a few shots of Jameson here? Share if you’d also like to celebrate with your friends in an inflatable Irish pub this summer!