Family’s home blown off foundation by EF-2 tornado, somehow their Bible remained unscathed

On Memorial Day an EF-2 tornado struck Macy, Indiana. The half-mile wide tornado was on the ground for 25 minutes and traveled 14 miles, leaving behind it a path of destruction. Businesses and homes were destroyed.

Many of those homes, like Nancy Sander’s sister’s were blown right off their foundation.


Sander said thankfully her sister and husband returned to Florida shortly before the severe storms hit, so they were not injured, but their home didn’t fare so well.

“She loved this place and the things, but had they been in the basement, they would have been sucked right out,” Sander told Eyewitness News.

The tornado leveled the family’s home.

Posted by Mary Milz on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Now, as cleanup begins Sander is searching for her sister’s items. Some of their belongings were thrown more than a half mile from their home.

“The majority of household items we’re finding here, but we found her quilt in the woods over there and her red wagon in the swamp,” she said.

Posted by Mary Milz on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Many items were strewn about and damaged, but one remained untouched.

While Sander has needed to search harder for some treasures, there was one thing that sat virtually untouched next to the home’s foundation – the family Bible.

Wow! How do you explain that?

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