How saving your children’s baby teeth could save their lives when they become adults

Losing that first tooth is one of those rites of passage that makes little kids feel like they’re becoming big kids. And even now, I remember the magic of waking up the morning after I lost my first tooth to find that the tooth fairy had taken it in the night and left me a dollar in exchange.

But when you’re the one playing the tooth fairy and swapping out a bit of cash for your child’s tooth, what do you do with it the next day? You could toss the tooth, or you could treasure it as a keepsake. But what value does it have beyond sentimental value?

Well, it turns out a lot.

A 2003 study found that baby teeth are a plentiful source of stem cells—the protocells that can be cultivated into various kinds of cells as necessary.

That means that if for some reason, a child needs replacement tissue later in life, lab technicians will be able to grow that tissue from a person’s own baby teeth. How cool is that?


The practice of storing baby teeth has the potential to treat a variety of ailments and even save lives. Right now, the technology isn’t quite there, but the method of storing them is. And facilities like Store-A-Tooth and StemSave can keep baby teeth in the ideal conditions so that they’ll be able to be put to use for a lifetime.

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While the tooth fairy seemed pretty enchanting back in the day. I think that modern science and the idea of turning baby teeth into tissues that could potentially save your life are prettyy amazing, and perhaps you could say, more magical!

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