Husband of coach killed in Kobe Bryant helicopter crash opens up: “I got three small kids and no mom”

The death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant at the weekend sent shock waves around the world. Tributes for Kobe and his young daughter, Gianna, soon flooded the internet, with many still in disbelief.

A total of nine souls lost their lives when the helicopter went down over Calabasas, California, and though the media spotlight has naturally gravitated towards Bryant, there are other family’s experiencing unfathomable pain.

One of them is the family of basketball coach Christina Mauser, who was also onboard the helicopter. Her husband, Matt Mauser, opened up on his his grief in an interview with TODAY, describing his late wife as “extraordinary”.

“She was extraordinary. She was incredibly witty, funny, funny like nobody you’ve ever met. … She was warm, she was incredibly bright, she was technologically incredibly savvy. She could figure out anything,” he said. 

With one eye on the future, Matt is now concerned over how he will raise his three children by himself.

“I got three small kids, and I’m trying to figure out how to navigate life with three kids and no mom,” Matt explained. “I’m scared. I think more than anything I’m a little scared about the future.”

Christina was working as the assistant coach for the Mamba Academy team, which Kobe’s daughter Gianna was a part of.

“Kobe took these kids from a private school and just made them gritty and tough. He was dedicated and so was my wife. They were dedicated to these girls. He saw what an amazing mind she had for basketball.

“They called her the ‘Mother of Defense,’ MOD. It was a family. They all really cared about each other.”

We can only imagine the pain the loved ones of the victims are feeling right now. Life can change in an instant, and that’s a truth we should all remember.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected. We can only hope you find some solace in the celebration of the lives they lived.

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