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In 1979 Her Father Disappears Without A Trace. 30 Years Later, She Sees THIS Online And Can Hardly Believe Her Eyes.

April Becker Antoniou had been looking for her father for a very long time. All she knew was that her father disappeared when she was very young. Her mother and father had a fight and her mom stormed out with her. After that, she never saw her dad again. She blamed both her parents for a long time, but eventually she also forgave them both. “I know they had a quarrel and my mother thought it was best to leave. I blamed them both for that decision,” she says. However, nearly two decades later, April decided to try to forgive them and put her energy instead into finding her father Scott. She started researching online, looking him up on all the databases she could think of – to no avail. One day however she decided to try something different, and typed a sentence into Google which would change everything …

Here is April when she was just a little girl, around the time she lost her father, after he and her mother had a grave argument one day.

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She searched long and hard for her dad, but despite all her attempts, nothing gave. Until she one day typed the words: “Scott Becker looking for April”.

Skarmavbild 2015-12-14 kl. 16.01.50

She amazingly fell upon, a website named after her. On the website, a note read:

“Dear April, I’m your dad, and I’d really like to talk to you.”

April immediately emailed the address provided. It turned out that Scott had been looking for his daughter for years. He had first hired two private detectives and spent a fortune on them. But they were no help, so he at last decided to create that website with the aim of finding her. The site had been up for a decade, and April at last succeeded to find it.

After 30 long years, a father and daughter were finally reunited. April warmly welcomed her dad into her family and introduced him to his grandchildren. Beautiful!

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