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It Looks Like An Ordinary Box In A Room. But When It Opens… Genius!

Appearances are deceptive. After I’ve seen this I’ll never underestimate a normal box again… What a creativity! At first, this box looks like an ordinary and boring box. But what it contains will surprise you. I didn’t see this coming. Unbelievable!

It looks like an ordinary box in an empty room.


But gradually, things are happening.


It’s about to transform into something.


But it’s impossible to guess what’s going on.


Little by little, new parts are popping up.


Okay, a desk out of nothing!


More boxes in the box.


Notice the small chair for the desk.


A wardrobe is occurring in the corner…


And a type of bookshelf to the right.


Somewhat of a bed in the middle.

Sure, that actually looks like a decent bed.

I’m getting more and more impressed.

Now you have a bed as well! Cozy.

I don’t grasp how this little box is able to contain all of this. I want one!


This clever box is called “Casulo”. According to the company’s web page the box, for now, only exists as a prototype, but they are hopeful that it will be out on the sales markets soon. Fingers crossed!

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