“It’s like God was right there really watching over us” – Texas woman gives birth alone in gas station bathroom

Texas nurse Kaitlyn Fullerton was nine months pregnant and on her way to Victoria with her husband when she told him she needed a bathroom break.

Little did she know her baby was ready to arrive and she’d have to manage the whole experience alone.

The 22-year-old had to stop in a Fort Bend gas station in Beasley Texas.

“I started feeling like a lot of pressure down there. Like it was really uncomfortable,” Kaitlyn said, as per Fox News.

She's a strong one right there," Texas nurse, mother gives birth in a gas  station bathroom

When Kaitlyn got to the bathroom and realized what was happening she said she started praying out loud.

“God please don’t let me have this baby in this restroom,” she said. 

But her baby had other plans.

“I was standing up the whole time,” Kaitlyn said. “I felt the head and then he just came right out and I like grabbed him and I was holding him right here close to me and that’s when someone outside the restroom was like ‘do you need help?'”

Sergio Mancera and Kaitlyn Fullerton were headed back home from Houston when a 10 minute trip to the bathroom turned into a surprise delivery.

Posted by ABC13 Houston on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Meanwhile Kaitlyn’s husband was outside and unaware of what was happening until a stranger gave him the news.

“I looked up, saw a woman saying ‘hey your wife just gave birth.’ I was like ‘what?’” Kaitlyn’s husband Sergio Mancera said. 

Sergio reached for his phone and started recording the happy moment after their 7 pound 3 ounce baby Callihan was born.

“It’s crazy to think she gave birth in the restroom,” he said. “Once I got to the restroom she was over there all happy, smiling at me like nothing happened”.  

Kaitlyn said she didn’t feel any pain delivering her baby adding: “I didn’t deliver my placenta until I got to the hospital. That’s when it started to hurt. Delivering the placenta hurt more than delivering the baby.” 

Paramedics then arrived and took Kaitlyn and her newborn son to hospital.

“It’s just really a miracle. Yeah, it was like a miracle,” the couple added. “It’s like God was right there really watching over us.”

🎥 Kaitlyn Fullerton y su esposo Sergio Mancera, se dirigían a casa en Victoria, la mujer fue al baño en una gasolinera y en menos de 15 minutos dio a luz a su segundo bebé.

Posted by Noticias 45 Houston on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Kaitlyn’s proud husband now refers to his brave wife as ‘Superwoman.’

“She’s a strong one right there. She did a great job,” he said giving his wife a hug.

Truly blessed with my beautiful family ❤️ So excited to see all the things God has in store for us.

Posted by Sergio Mancera on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sergio and Kaitlyn, who is a licensed Vocational Nurse, already have a 3-year-old son Nikolai and is thankful that instead of God answering her prayers that day not to have him in a bathroom stall, the couple were blessed with the safe arrival of a healthy boy.

'SHE'S A STRONG ONE': Kaitlyn Fullerton, 22, thought she was stopping at a gas station for a potty break. As it turns out… she gave birth instead!

Posted by FOX 29 on Thursday, July 15, 2021

“His middle name is Eliseo and it means God is my salvation,” said Kaitlyn.

Sergio posted the video on TikTok where more than 10 million people have watched it.

Mom and baby were released from hospital on Wednesday and both are doing well at home, as per Fox News.

Kaitlyn clearly is a supermom safely delivering her baby in a bathroom stall and still manages a smile while her husband is recording her after such a shocking ordeal – well done!

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