Jacob, 15, weighed 705 lbs – now look at his transformation one year later

Jacob Miller was born five weeks early, yet he already weighed 12 lbs. In other words, his weight problems began before he was even born.

At the age of one, he weighed 50 lbs, and he continued to quickly gain weight- about 45 lbs per year.

When Jacob turned 15, he was 198 centimeters tall and weighed 700 lbs. That’s when Jacob’s parents decided that it was enough. His condition was life-threatening and they were afraid that his organs could be damaged.

Jacob was not overweight because he couldn’t control how much he ate – he had a hormonal imbalance that caused him to become extremely overweight.

Although he visited the doctor several times, it was only after 15 years that doctors could identify the problem.

Besides his physical problems, Jacob was a victim of bullying at school.

Doctors concluded that a gastric bypass operation (reduction of the stomach) was the only solution.

Before his surgery, Jacob dropped 77 lbs, proving that he could handle the rigorous demands that would be placed on him following the operation.

After an over 3 hour-long surgery, his stomach was the size of an egg.

Following the operation, Jacob went on a strict diet and exercised daily, with help and support from nutritionists, physical therapists, his family and friends.

In just over three months, he had lost about 150 lbs. He also got rid of his diabetes.

Obesity is a major problem today, and yet there is no easy solution.

Watch the video below to watch Jacob’s success journey… you will hardly recognize him in the end!

Although diet and exercise, of course, play a big role, some have a very hard time shedding pounds – and it’s not because they are lazy, but because they are sick.

Please share to wish Jacob all the best for the future. He has a way to go but I’m confident that he will succeed!

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