Jill Biden has already started teaching classes on Zoom from the White House

Jill Biden surprised the world – in a very positive way, I might add – when she confirmed that she would be continuing to work as a teacher alongside performing her duties as First Lady of the United States.

Much has been made regarding her breakaway from tradition (Dr. Jill becomes the first First Lady of modern times to hold down a full-time job while also having the office in the White House), but it would appear her word was good.

Indeed, as per reports, the First Lady is already teaching classes at Northern Virginia Community College from the White House via zoom.

We know, right, imagine logging on for your lessons and your teacher is just casually sitting in the White House, secret service agents loitering in the background.

In her first interview alongside President Joe Biden, Jill explained:

“I taught all eight years that I was second lady,” Dr. Biden said in her first joint interview with Joe. “That’s my passion, that’s my life.”

Joe added: “The students she teaches, these are foreign students or people who weren’t the people who graduated from high school, but they’re remaking their lives.

“It’s an inspiration. It’s energy for Jill, but it’s a lot of work.”

And a lot of work it must be, to have all the pressures of being First Lady of the United States but also the enduring passion to continue with teaching anyway.

Dr. Jill herself accepted that the task she and Joe have on their hands is an enormous one.

Of the last few weeks, she said: “It’s been busy. But it’s been so many different things, so many different areas, and Joe’s been working hard on foreign policy and of course his new [COVID relief] plan.

“And so we have a lot to do — but we have a lot ahead of us and we feel good about it. We feel like people have hope that we’re moving the country forward.”

I can’t help but simply think of Dr. Jill as a truly inspiring individual. I think the United States has a First Lady to be proud of.

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