Josh Groban gives real meaning to Christmas with church classic – brings tears to the eyes

“O Holy Night” may have started its life as a French poem, but it has a place in all of our hearts today.

Taken and converted by composer Adolphe Adam in 1847, for many its become a staple of festive cheer and appreciation of yuletide.

If you are a church-goer, or have ever been for that matter, you’ll likely have heard it performed at a ceremony or two over the Christmas period. What you might not have heard is music icon Josh Groban‘s rendition.

Set to scenes from The Nativity Story, Groban’s “O Holy Night” begins when the Three Wise Men look up to the shining star that is to lead them to the newborn babe in Bethlehem.

YouTube / ThisPerfectPlace

Groban’s unique performance thereafter accompanies the story we all know and love. The timing is exquisite as baby Jesus is born, and Groban’s voice appears to be a match made in … well, heaven.

YouTube / ThisPerfectPlace

With Christmas almost upon us, and happiness and cheer well and truly in the air, it’s important to remember the origins of this most popular of celebrations.

Spending time with your family and loved ones, and cherishing the things you have as opposed to reflecting on the things you don’t, is of paramount importance. Material objects are nice, but they count for very little when weighed against the happiness of one’s soul.

One remarkable night in Bethlehem long ago changed the world forever. Let’s not forget it!

Watch Josh Groban’s incredible performance below:

What a wonderful rendition of a true Christmas classic.

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