Kids line up for Christmas recital – the second they start to shake, audience are rolling in their seats

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive build-up is soon to hit fever pitch.

I don’t know about you, but for me one of the best elements of the Christmas season is the pure, unadulterated joy shared by the masses.

When it comes to said joy, there’s nothing quite like festive performances to raise the spirits, which is probably why videos like the one in this article prove as popular as they do.

The clip, showing footage from the Saint Elizabeth Child Care facility, Jersey City, is packed full of the sort of cheer all of us require in our lives. Don’t believe us? Have a look below …

YouTube / anupamoverma

From the moment the curtains are pulled apart to reveal 20 kids dressed in matching green uniforms, it’s pretty clear that the cuteness factor is going to be the right side of 100. The pre-schoolers are nervous, the parents expectantly watching on … it has all the ingredients for a hit.

As per Faith Tap, the choreography for the video is supposed to be one wherein the kids stay in place and follow their rehearsed dance moves.

In true Christmas spirit, however, many of the young ones can be seen singing along to the music that accompanies their routine – none other than ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree‘.

YouTube / anupamoverma

No sooner has the song started do the kids jump into action. Want a smile on your face? Watch the video below:

Videos like this really give me the Christmas feeling!

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