Leap day baby shares birthday with her dad – What are the odds?

Every year everyone celebrates a birthday, it’s just a fact. But for those who were born on February 29, things get a little complicated. According to the calendar, their birthday only comes around once every four years, making their day extra, extra special.

Those who beat the odds, a 1 in 1,461 chance, will always share a unique connection with each other. But perhaps this father and daughter from California now share one of the more special connections – they were both born on a leap day.

While the chances of sharing a birthday with your child aren’t too great, the chances of both father and daughter being born on February 29 are 1 in 2.1 million, according to the hospital.

On Saturday, Jennifer Rebollar Cortez gave birth to a baby girl named Camila at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in California. Camila was due on March 3, but surprised her parents with an early arrival.

“I prayed to God for my little baby girl, and, now, we are going to share this amazing bond for the rest of our lives and I am just so happy!” Ivan Peñaloza, Camila’s father who was also born on February 29, said. “I couldn’t have asked for much more than a healthy baby, so this is just a beautiful, unexpected blessing.”

“We feel so blessed to have our little Camila here and so incredibly shocked at the coincidence that she now shares her leap day birthday with her dad!” Jennifer said.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Ivan on their baby girl! And how amazing that not only does Camila share a birthday with her father, but they share a leap day birthday, which makes it even more special!

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