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Little girl has adorable meltdown when she finds out her twin is 1 minute older

Ava and Alexis McClure are twin sisters who are as identical as they come. The toddlers have the same eyes, the same nose, and the same smile. They speak the same, and they even wear the same clothes.

But there’s one thing that isn’t exactly the same about the two girls… The time that they were born!

The twins’ parents, Ami and Justin, have been filming the girls so they can cherish their childhood memories when they’re older, and the McClure twins will definitely have a laugh over this one in the future.

When Mom reveals that Ava was born one minute before Alexis, Alexis suddenly realizes that Ava is “older” than her. She’s heartbroken and her adorable meltdown only comes to an end after some comforting from her “big” sister. But then, the tables are turned and Ava, the “older” twin, realizes that Alexis is actually bigger than her.

Watch the adorable clip below. It will remind you of all the cute arguments you had with your siblings as a kid!

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